Application accessories are offered to either extend the life of the material or make it easier to apply. 

Primer helps to provide a stable surface when applying onto porous surfaces, as our self-adhesive materials are a surface fixing not a mechanical fix you must have a stable substrate to adhere onto.  Primer effectively seals an external porous surface and prevents water from rising through and lifting the product.  Our Primer is water based and meets all VOC requirements. 

Cleaner easily cleans surfaces and removes dirt and grease, we recommend our Cleaner (as it is a pure alcohol) over the use of degreasers, not only is our alcohol material cleaning but it also does not leave behind any residue. 

Edge Fix Sealer helps to bond the outside of the material and keeps the edges pressed down, it helps to greatly extend the life of the material. 
Pressure Rollers help to activate our adhesives, as we use self-adhesives any form of pressure is perfect. 

Rubber Mallets are only used when applying our Conformable, as they ensure that the material is effectively pressed into place.