Anti Slip Die Cuts

Die cut shapes are fantastic, they are stamped by our 40 ton presses to ensure that the cut is absolutely perfect.  The rounded corners make them more durable, there is less chance that the edges can be lifted and thus the material peeling back.  The shapes that we produce as a standard material are generally the most popular sizes, they include feet shapes (many different styles), stair treads, thin strips, L-shaped bolt down anti skid plates, tile shapes, disks and lollipops.  We can produce to any size or shape, our machines can easily cut to almost any possible dimension.  We require a drawing, this can be in CAD format or a simple sketch, this drawing will be translated into a cutting tool, the cutting tool enables us to rapidly create die cut pieces.  Each piece will be a clone of every other piece, perforations can be accommodated, snap back liners and even regular holes.