Anti Slip Plates

Anti slip plates are the perfect anti slip solution that is extremely durable and instantly applied.  Made from weather proof aluminum, they are simply screwed into place, each plate comes complete with cleanly drilled countersunk holes.  Conventional wood screws are used which then fix the plate into place on the timber (any other substrate can be applied onto but the choice of fixings will then vary).  As they are a mechanical fixing the plate is held securely in place and will provide long term durable use.  We produce two shapes as a standard ; either a flat plate or an L-shape.  For use around salt water we can produce in stainless steel to prevent corrosion, please enquire.  Any color or material grade can be used on our bolt down plates.  Custom sized bolt down plates can be produced but they are more expensive as they are often made by hand which incurs higher labor costs etc.