Handrail tape can help increase grip and prevent handrails being cold to the touch. Handrail grip tape is available in many variations dependent on your needs, all manufactured from bare skin friendly materials, to ensure a comfortable grip and excellent durability, with strong adhesives applied to the tape which allows the hand rail griptape to bond with the outer radial surface of the handrail.  The plastic acts like a barrier to prevent warm, humid hands (imagine leaving your warm office, leaving by an exit then grabbing a metal external handrail that may be 8°F and trying to remove your skin from it) being stuck onto cold metallic surfaces.  All of our hand rail grip materials are non-abrasive, we can produce to any size, all we require is either a diameter or radius, we then produce the roll to a marginally narrower width than required, this prevents a possible overlap if any of the provided dimensions are slightly inaccurate.  A selection of colors is available to choose a color that highlights the application.