When a product is chosen for internal use then careful choices must be made.  Internal applications can vary.  Many internal applications will require a non-abrasive material, a non-abrasive material is easy to clean (abrasive products can harbor dust and dirt), does not abrade skin (abrasive products can be sharp on bare skin) and products such as our Coarse Resilients or Resilients have superb levels of Coefficient of Friction (how grip is measured).  Some customers for internal use will prioritize Coefficient of Friction properties over everything else, they will want something that will guarantee great levels of grip and will provide superior durability.  The application process for indoor materials is normally easier, you do not experience the problems that weather can bring, you are also generally applying onto a surface that is not porous.  Internal color choices are still possible, we produce in highly visible black/yellow chevrons, glow in the dark, bright yellow fluorescents etc and then at the opposite color range we have discreet clears, mild beiges etc.  Advice can be given to meet all regulatory requirements including MIL-SPEC, ADA & OSHA.  All materials produced by Heskins come with testing to ASTM & NFSI.