Kitchens are a common area for our non slip materials, they are often an area where slips commonly occur and people often have the need to prevent object sliding on surfaces.  To prevent slips on the floor we recommend the use of a non-abrasive product, the reason why we suggest a non-abrasive is that it is easier to clean, if you have an abrasive material by nature of its random construction you will have hidden areas where dirt and food particles can harbor, with an abrasive material all of the surface area is exposed, there can be no hidden or ‘negative’ areas.  The range of non-abrasive anti slip materials that we produce is expansive.  The aqua disks are ideal for use in showers or baths, they come in handy small length rolls or sheets, you simply peel off what you want and apply them straight down, their handy shape (disks or strips) provide easy application and an appealing non slip outline.  The non slip fabric is great for lining drawers, coating surfaces etc, it is available either self-adhesive or non-adhesive and works perfectly.