Non Slip Treads

Non slip treads are pre cut treads suitable for application in many areas such as stairs, walkways, ledges etc, with many different shapes available for immediate dispatch, we can help cater your business or domicile in finding the correct slip prevention. We can offer custom non slip treads dependent on your needs, contact us to discuss your requirements, as many of our custom non slip treads become so popular we begin manufacturing them for general retail.  The most popular size is 6”x24” for use on stairs, this size fits perfectly onto a tread and provides sure foot protection, we produce the 6”x24” material in all of our grades and colors.  5.5”x5.5” are a perfect size to fit squarely onto a 6”x6” tile, they are slightly smaller to ensure that do not cross the grout line.  Rounded corners help to extend the life of the material.