Most of our products are used externally.  External conditions pose their own problems such as rain, temperature changes and UV but almost all of products can be used outdoors.  The use of our ancillaries such as Primer, Edge Fix etc can overcome most of the difficulties that may be encountered.  Outdoor use normally means that most customers will use abrasive products but some of our deeper non-abrasive materials, such as Coarse Resilient can perform fantastically well.  One important aspect to consider for outdoor use is color choice; do you want to highlight the risk area by using a highly visible fluorescent yellow, maybe even a glow in the dark material for low light conditions or would you prefer it discreet and barely visible to make it easily blend in with the surroundings, something like a clear?  Although our materials, if correctly applied, will cope with any external weather condition from the blazing heat of the Arizona desert to the deep snows of North Dakota they must be applied onto a surface that is clean, dry and free from grease. Our anti slip bolt down plates are recommended if a sufficient bond is not achievable.