Snow & Ice

Of all our non slip requirements the most dangerous applications involved snow and ice conditions.  Our products are extremely effective.  Ice is a particularly dangerous surface, it provides an almost perfectly smooth surface to slip on; it is extremely smooth, it is often hard to spot, it is often combined with water (perfect for hydroplaning) and is very common in winter months.  The ice easily packs in the valleys of non skid materials which then negates its capabilities to prevent slips.  In snow or ice you need a deep, abrasive material, the deeper the better, this will help to prevent it being packed by ice or snow.  The winter months are normally when customers want to resolve slip problems, the difficulty is that it is almost impossible to adhere onto a surface that is covered in a layer of snow or ice.  Bolt down anti slip plates are a great solution.  Each plate has pre-drilled countersunk holes that allow for simple and easy application, we produce in various sizes, shapes and color formats