Stairs are classified as a high risk area, not only is there a change in level, a smaller stepping surface but also if a footing is lost then the risks of injury are high due to the potential to tumble down the stairs.  We have perfect solutions for you with the knowledge to back it up.  When applying onto stairs you do not need to cover all of the ledge, if you look at where people walk and stand it is almost always on the leading edge, we naturally navigate to the edge.  Most customers use a 2” wide strip on the front of the step.  The color choice depends on the situation and application.  Some customers will want a bright, visible yellow color, others will want a discreet beige or transparent.  If the stairs are in a commercial application it may be worth considering whether to have a differential color, the top and bottom step, for example, could be yellow and the steps in-between could be gray, this would highlight to a visually impaired user that there is a change in level.  When applying onto stairs it is worth asking whether you want abrasive or non-abrasive, they have different properties and offer different advantages.