Heskins LLC is proud to announce that its non skid tape products have been tested by the National Floor Safety Institute (www.nfsi.org). The anti-slip tape products listed below have been awarded their highest anti-slip tape rating, High Friction, as a client this gives you enormous piece of mind that you are meeting your obligations and help to maintain a risk free environment for staff and visitors;


  • Standard range
  • Coarse range
  • Conformable range
  • Coarse resilient range


A copy of the certificate is available to download by clicking here. The management and all colleagues of Heskins LLC take our responsibilities as industry leaders in slip prevention seriously. The testing undertaken by NFSI is only one part of our testing processes, we have also tested to every international coefficient of friction standard (levels of grip), various flame tests, various smoke tests and a huge number of adhesion tests. Our level of anti skid expertise is without equal, we welcome the opportunity to use our non skid tape knowledge to your advantage. With our years of experience we have normally witnessed your anti slip problem previously and have already created a solution.


We welcome any non skid tape technical questions you may have, all test results relating to Heskins LLC materials have been externally tested by independent organizations, laboratories and universities. Adhesion testing has been performed to ASTM and PSTC specifications. Coefficient of friction to ASTM, pendulum, NFSI and various DINs. Flame and smoke according to various international standards for all associated standards and even aviation levels. All other tests such as tensile strength, temperature etc to various levels.


For more details please enquire with our sales office, for larger anti-slip tape enquiries and resellers we are always very happy to visit your site to discuss this further.