Custom Sizes

We at Heskins LLC are unique, we want to offer you not only the regular non slip tape widths and die cut shapes but also the shape you really want.  If you want a 5” wide roll of green grip tape then why compromise and be forced to purchase 4” roll  All of us here will ensure we will do everything to ensure that you get exactly what you want, we have the facilities, the machinery and the capabilities to provide whatever you want, when you want it.  We produce our grip tape in any width from ¾” to 54”, dependent on material, every size in-between is yours to choose.  Widths as small as 0.4” are possible dependant on quantity, please enquire.  All our cutting machinery is accurate to very tight tolerances, we ensure that the product you receive is to your exact requirement.

Grip tape widths

Any shape of grip tape can be produced using our high tonnage presses, we use lazer cut tools that guarantee complete and accurate reproduction.  The price of a die cut depends on the size, shape and quantity, Heskins LLC would be proud to be your chosen supplier of non slip tape so we will always do our upmost to provide the most competitive grip tape pricing, without exception.  It would be great to receive any enquiries you may have for die cutting.

Non slip tape die cut to shape

Bespoke lengths are a specialty of Heskins LLC, we can supply any of our non slip tape widths in any length from 12ft to 300ft, with or without a core.  Any core size can be accommodated from 1” to 6” i/d.  Non slip tape can be easily retail packaged, either our trademark or your own can be used, we can help you design the outer to ensure it stands out on the shelf and becomes a hot buy!

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