Q.What payment methods do you accept
R.We accept payment from any card using RBS WorldPay or Google Checkout.  Bank transfers and checks are also acceptable, please enquire.

Q.Do you accept PayPal
R.Yes, we accept Paypal payments.

Q.How will I receive the non slip flooring material
R.Orders are despatched by default by FedEx, allowing you to choose your preferred delivery option.

Q.How soon should I receive the non slip flooring order
R.The order should arrive within 7 working days, for faster deliveries please enquire about premium delivery options.

Q.How secure are my details
R.AntiSlipTapeShop.com do not retain see any of your card details, these are inputted directly into the respected systems of RBS WorldPay or Paypal.  Although you create an account on our website our server is SSL and due to our payment providers no credit card information is retained.

Q.How do we obtain technical advice
R.Simple, either the Live Chat facility or one of our other contact methods.

Q.Can the non slip flooring product adhere to an external surface
R.It can, please contact us for more information, we recommend Live Chat.

Q.Is sales tax payable
R.If the order is shipped inside PA you will be charged 6%, as AntiSlipTapeShop.com does not have an out of state nexus, orders shipped over the PA state line are free from sales tax.

Q.Can you ship non slip tape internationally
R.We can, please enquire for more details.

Q.Can you cut non slip tape to any shape or size
R.Not a problem, please do enquire, we welcome these enquiries.

Q.Would you be willing to create a specific non slip tape product for us
R.Dependent on volume we can produce a material that is specifically designed for you, please enquire.

Q.Can you print onto the material
R.We can, please enquire.