The mission of Heskins LLC is simple, we want to ensure that we are your preferred vendor for all anti slip requirements.  We believe we can achieve this by ensuring we follow our founding principles carefully and diligently, they are:

We will only supply the highest quality anti slip that not only meets your requirements but also meets our strict policy of 100% quality process management.  No anti slip material should ever leave our facility that we are not certain, through various pre and post production tests, is to the NonSlip Tapes standard.  Anything less than 100% quality is not acceptable to us.

Our service should be exemplary, all customers, regardless of size, should be treated as if they are our only customer.  Only through ensuring that you attain complete satisfaction with the service we offer can we be content.

Our prices should the most competitive available.  All businesses must attain sustainable profitability to survive but we must ensure that our most valued asset remains your continued custom.

Our technical knowledge of our anti slip tape is vast and unsurpassed, we must always be willing to share that expertise with you so ensuring that we both benefit from our many years of training and experience.  Your peace of mind is our asset.

If you feel we are not achieving any one of our aims I would appreciate any feedback you may have, I would welcome any comments whether positive or negative, I realise that perfection is a destination that can never reached, but at Heskins LLC we always aim to be as close to it as realistically possible.

Heskins LLC