Regulations including OSHA, ADA, MIL-SPEC & NFSI

How Heskins LLC can help you meet regulatory standards


We want to ensure that you receive all the technical information you require especially concerning regulatory standards. As a major producer of non skid tape we take our responsibilities seriously, we want to inform and advise you to ensure that you not only meet the Federal regulations but also conform to industry best practise. We proactively work with all relevant authorities to ensure that we are kept abreast of latest developments allowing our customers to take advantage of our in-depth and fresh knowledge that we have garnered through years of effort.


OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23


The above OSHA regulation is wide reaching and has many implications. The regulation impacts potentially every company and organization inside America. Reassuringly Heskins LLC can advise you on the implications of this standard and how our range of anti-slip tape exceeds all present regulatory standards.


Certificates of conformity can be provided with every delivery of non skid tape to confirm the levels of coefficient of friction attained, ensuring full compliance with OSHA.


Americans with Disabilities Act 2008


This prescriptive law has far reaching implications for all organizations. We can ensure you achieve the minimum anti-slip tape coefficient of friction requirements for parts 4.5, 4.35.4 and 10.3.2. Our in-depth knowledge of this legislation is unsurpassed.


United States Access Board, ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines


Our expertize will enable your organization to meet the standards of 302.1 with non skid tape.


US Defense Standards (MIL-SPEC)


Both MIL-17951 and MIL-5044 have been cancelled, Heskins LLC can advise the correct anti-slip tape to meet MIL-PRF-24667.


National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

Heskins LLC is very proud that its products have been independently approved by NFSI, this provides you, the customer, as peace of mind that they have been correctly tested, for more information on NFSI please click on