4610 Lattice Beige Non Slip Fabric

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Our thicker non slip fabric with so many uses. 4610 lattice beige non slip fabric is washable, cleanable and completely waterproof, nothing comes close.  The grip fabric easily prevents most objects sliding, shelf liners, in drawers, car dashboards, now we can easily solve them!  It can be used anywhere, even in hot & humid bathrooms, it will not fail.  As 4610 lattice non slip fabric is a thick material why not use in car trunks?, it will easily stop any loose objects from sliding side-to-side.  Due to the non slip grip fabrics stability it can be even be placed in showers or baths.


Great under seat cushions to stop them sliding
Under horse saddles
In showers or baths
Slipper soles
Arm rests
Non slip underlay for rugs
Non slip mats for arts and crafts
Car trunks Laptops and keyboards




0.250 inches


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