4643 Off-White Mesh Lattice Non Slip Fabric

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Our non slip fabric is an ideal material with so many uses, why not put it under rugs and carpets to stop them slipping? Are you into crafts, then use it to create non slip soles on slippers? Want to create a liner underneath table mats to stop them moving, this is the one for you! The material is even washable and can be cut by any box knife or scissors. The non slip fabric is tough, constructed from a mesh base coated with a soft non slip foam coating to provide some level of cushioning. If you want a thicker material please see our 4610. It can easily be sewn onto products.


  • Use as a drawer liner

  • On top of boat tables

  • Motor home surfaces

  • Wonderful on car dashboards to stop cell phones sliding

  • Great under seat cushions to stop them sliding

  • Under horse saddles

  • Under laptops and keyboards

  • Sizes



    0.016 inches


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