Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers

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Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers

Anti slip bathroom stickers are a quick, efficient way to apply an anti slip surface to your bath or shower.

Made from our non abrasive aqua safe material, not only does it provide effective slip prevention, but it is kind to bare skin, so is also ideal for use in and around swimming pools.

Please note: It is recommended to clean the surface you are applying aqua safe anti slip bathroom stickers to with our alcohol based surface cleaner. This will erase the possibility of adhesive failure through contamination from dirt and grease.


• Baths
• Showers
• Wetrooms
• Swimming Pools
• Boats

Each roll consists of:

Approx 72 Discs ( Each discs measures 1.57 inches in diameter )
Approx 30 strips ( Each strip measures 0.70 inches x 7.87 inches )

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