Anti Slip L Shape Bolt Down Plates

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Our L-Shaped Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates are manufactured from 0.06" thick weatherproof aluminum, and are finished with rounded corners and 8 pre-drilled holes ( 5 on top, 3 on the bottom of the lip ).
These bolt down plates in an off the shelf size of 4.7"x1.7"x25" are more effective as stair treads for stairways compared to our regular bolt down plates, but are still applied in the same conditions ie sodden timber, ribbed decking etc. The reason they are more effective for stairways and steps, is because of the 'l shaped' finish they have which ensures full coverage of the steps or stairways.
Steps, stairways. Any surface areas which are unsuitable for anti slip tape application.
0.06 inches

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