Black Standard Anti Slip Tape Cut Pieces

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Black standard anti slip tape cut pieces are one of our most popular materials, as it is ideal for any general non slip requirement.
The material has a permanent self adhesive, plastic base and is coated with extremely tough, diamond hard aluminium oxide.
The anti slip capability (coefficient of friction) exceeds all legal requirements.

A wide variety of popular shapes available.

Our standard anti slip tape cut pieces are perfect to prevent slips and trips on stair nosings, internal walkways and external areas.
For muddy or industrial applications I would recommend our coarse anti slip tape product which has a deeper grit.

For more instructions on how to install our standard anti slip tape cut pieces, please refer to the video below.


2" circular disks
5.5"x5.5" with rounded corners
6"x24" with rounded corners
0.75"x23.5", 6 pieces per set


0.025 inches



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