Conformable White Anti Slip Tape 100 Grit

Conformable White Anti Slip Tape 100 Grit

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Our conformable anti slip tape is purposely designed to be adhered to irregular surfaces, such as 5 bar tread, diamond tread etc
It achieves this by use of an aluminum foil backing, that replaces the conventional plastic backing. Aluminum carries no inherent memory, and can be conformed to an irregular surface, and will never revert back to its original state ie it will not lift.

Our conformable anti slip tape will make any textured plate surface safe.

Our white conformable anti slip tape is a finer grit than our regular conformable ( our regular is 60 grit ), as it is a 100 grit finish.




It is suitable for internal applications, and is also a perfect material should you want to print on to it.
We recommend our rubber mallet to aid installation, and edge fix can also be applied along the edges to further increase durability.







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