Conspicuity C2 DOT Reflective Tape Kit Packs

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Reflective conspicuity DOT tape, an intensively reflective material, manufactured for the intention of applying to large vehicles, and trailers. For vehicles, the need to apply reflective DOT tape comes in to play when they are over 80" wide and/or over 10,000 lbs in weight. DOT tapes construction is a series of reflective prisms that reflect light in all directions, allowing the vehicle or trailer to be easily spotted in low light conditions. UV stabilized and weather and virtually damage resistant, reflective conspicuity tape is a durable material, constructed for a long-lasting service.

These products of conveniently cut kit packs of strips are produced to give you the right amount for one general application, available in many colors and color combinations to ensure your vehicle or trailer meets the required regulations.

Please ensure to clean the surface area before application with a good alcohol based cleaner, like our surface cleaner.


School Buses

2" x 12"
2" x 18"

For more information on DOT regulations, please visit the FMCSA website.

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