H3435 Ribbed Rubber Type Anti Slip Material

H3435 Ribbed Rubber Type Anti Slip Material

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Another unique anti slip material created by Heskins LLC, after the success of our H3418 Handrail grip tape, we decided to look at creating another symmetrically patterned material. With H3435 rubber type anti slip material we have done just that, not only adding another material with great non slip qualities to the range, but broadening our range with absolute aesthetic appeal.
By modifying the plastic surface we have created a material that has the feel of rubber, yet with more consistent finishing qualities.


Tool boxes
Non slip matting when drainage is needed
Anti static tool mats
( we are still looking for uses for this material, so please leave comments as to how you used yours! )




0.035 inches

Please note: Due to the materials construction, when ordering rolls the rib runs the length of the tape and not across.

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