Reflective Conspicuity DOT Tape White/Red

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Reflective Conspicuity DOT Tape White/Red


Reflective conspicuity DOT tape is used mostly for trucks and trailers over 80" wide and over 10,000 lbs in weight. It is necessary to use this to comply with DOT ( Department of Transporation ) regulations to ensure that large vehicles and trailers are seen properly, most particularly at night.

Reflective conspicuity DOT tape applied to a vehicle will make it clearer to identify the vehicle, mobile and stationary, therefore reducing accidents.

The reflective DOT tapes construction is a series of reflective prisms that reflect light in all directions, yet will still function perfectly normally if ever impacted. It is also covered with a weather resistant, UV stabilzed polymeric film, to ensure durability.


Large vans


2"x24" Pack of 5

For more information on DOT regulations, please visit the FMCSA website.

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