Skateboard Grip Tape 9"x33"

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NonSlip Tapes LLC offers you the lowest price skateboard grip tape available anywhere!  The quality is incredible.
Our black skateboard grip tape is coated with aluminum oxide, our clear is S2 and our aerated skateboard grip tape has silicon carbide combined with an aerated/perforated base to prevent air bubbles.
The aerated/perforated skateboard grip tape is made in exactly the same way as the 'name' we could mention but at a fraction of the price!

Our skateboard grip tape is also excellent for painting your own designs on, whether it be with spray paint and templates or paint pens, our material is good enough to allow it without interfering with the grip qualities ( providing you paint your tape properly! ).


Gripping skate decks. It's also useful to use the leftover tape from your freshly gripped deck to smooth down the edges to prevent them lifting.

You can also grip longboards, but please note that more than one sheet will be needed.

For bulk orders, please call.

Black Grip Tape
Clear Grip Tape
Aerated/Perforated grip Tape


Black - 60
Clear - 20

Please see below for our video on skateboard grip tape application










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