Conspicuity Reflective DOT Tape Pre-Cut Packs Now Available

You can now purchase conveniently priced, pre-cut 5 packs of our various reflective conspicuity DOT tapes that we stock. Our stock of DOT tape has grown to incorporate the majority of demands for it, to ensure vehicles and transportation are meeting DOT ( Department of Transportation ) requirements. These pre-cut packs are available in the following Read more

Heskins LLC: In Membership with NATM

NATM, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, “dedicated to improving trailer performance and safety for the past 25 years”, has recently took us on as members due to the amount of anti slip material we supply to the trailer industry. Anti slip tape is a useful addition to trailers due to the hazards that are Read more

Cushion Grip Anti Slip Tape – Buy Cushioned, Non Abrasive Slip Prevention.

We have just added cushion grip anti slip tape to the site, increasing entire product range further by adding a new product which adds a new dimension to our products. It is non abrasive, it is waterproof and it is as easy to apply as all our other products, but one thing that does make Read more

Tenura Non Slip Fabric Available to Buy Now!

We have increased our non slip fabric range with Tenura non slip fabric rolls. Tenura non slip fabric is a versatile non slip solution for the home, office, or wherever you decide to use it. It can easily be cut to size due to it’s durable yet soft construction to be used in many different Read more

Custom Reflective DOT Conspicuity Tape

The Truck and Trailer manufacturing industry is a very competitive industry, hundreds if not thousands of OEM’s are out there fighting for business and the key to creating a successful business is in great marketing. Many OEM’s, Private Fleets and Motor Carriers are opting for Customized Conspicuity Tape as they are aware that personalizing their Read more

Blue Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Now Available.

Since the announcement of our white coarse resilient over a year ago, there hasn’t been many new developments on our coarse resilient. We have created a solid, efficient product so we recently spent time researching new anti-slip products. However, the demand for more colors has been great, and due to the amount of demand for Read more

Tapeline Added to the Site

We have just added Tapeline to our site for general sale. Tapeline is a self adhesive line marking & hazard tape made from PVC making it very durable for a light use marking material, while still maintaining a low rise. It is suitable for designating sorting and storage areas, walkways, sports halls, hospitals, kitchens, stairs, Read more

Our New Site is Now Live!

The all new and improved antisliptapeshop site is now live, and if you’re reading this, then that means you have found it, so welcome aboard. The old site had become a little dated, and felt quite cluttered, so we focused on improving the layout to make it easier to find your way around, as well Read more

Christmas & New Year Shutdown Times

Another year has pretty much passed us by, and something must have happened, because I swear I missed some of it! While we do have minimal shut down times this Festive Season, we may experience some delays in getting your goods out to you, though we expect the amount of delays to be kept to Read more

Camouflage Anti Slip Tape Used by FishPlanx

One of our customers recently got in contact to show us something really awesome. FishPlanx are manufacturers of reasonably priced, custom-shaped SUP’s ( skateboards ), surfboards, longboards and cruiser skateboards, as well as a range of surfing apparel and accessories. Based in Bradenton, Florida, the company was founded in June 2012 off the back of Read more

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