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How to Apply Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

We have just uploaded a new video to our Youtube channel. This is an instructional video, giving you advice on how to apply ribbed rubber anti slip tape. Our ribbed anti slip tape is a non abrasive, symmetrically patterned material, created after the success of our handrail grip tape. It is made of plastic, yet Read more

Good Practices for Kitchen Safety

Good Kitchen Safety Time in the kitchen should always be pleasant, and we want to provide a few handy tips to help it stay that way. Good kitchen safety is always a good process to follow, to allow the preparing, cooking and eating of food in complete safety with extremely minimal risk of accidents and Read more

Woman sues Bridgeton Splash Park over slip

A local woman from Bridgeton is suing the City and various companies involved with building the new public Splash Park. She has claimed that all of them are responsible for the various injuries sustained from slipping at the new attraction. A personal injury lawsuit has been filed; detailing claims that the defendants failed to carry Read more

Yellow Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Now Available

We have added yellow to our range of coarse resilient anti slip tapes. The yellow is very vivid to give a visible safety marker to any workplace in addition to a very capable non abrasive anti slip surface. Coarse resilient is a more industrial grade non abrasive anti slip solution, with the ability to perform Read more

Anti Slip Stair Nosing on Wooden Steps

Wooden steps… they look great in the home, adding a warm aesthetic to the décor. Attempt to ascend or descend them in socks or shoes with smooth soles however and you have something that can be almost as treacherous as ice and snow! This is mainly due to the varnish applied to them, and if Read more

New Non Slip Fabric Variants Added

Our non slip fabric is an efficient and cost effective method of applying a non slip surface on or under anything to protect our loved ones or precious items. We have recently increased the sizes and color options available for Tenura non slip fabric on the site. In addition to new sizes for our white and Read more

Limited Edition Anti Slip Eagle Print Available Now!

We have a limited run of a special anti slip print available to buy on the website right now. We had commissioned a print of a custom designed American Eagle Print on it for 200 pieces of our a 6″x24″ black standard non slip tread, 100 of which are available on the site for immediate purchase. Read more

Slow Moving Vehicle Stickers Now Available

By law, any vehicle that is unable to travel up to and over 40 km/h must have a slow moving vehicle sticker applied to them. This can apply to any road-faring vehicle or vehicles, from lone vehicles to vehicles towing trailers, caravans or other vehicles, to construction equipment and wagons. Any vehicle that falls under Read more

Americas Winter Summed Up in One Video.

Americas winter has been a terrible one this time round, with parts of the country experiencing record breaking winter periods, due to a polar vortex pulling in arctic winds, particularly in the eastern areas. You can see more detail on this with a beautiful map designed by Cameron Beccario and an interactive graphic on the website earth. Read more

Gravel Guard – Protect Your Vehicle

Our aqua safe anti slip tape is a popular product with our customers, it’s great anti slip properties in wet environments, while being kind to bare skin are its strongest features. Recently, we have discovered a new use for it. Vehicles are always susceptible to stone chips when in motion. There can be a wide Read more

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