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Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers: More Hygienic Than Mats.
Although anti slip bath mats may be the obvious choice for many, how many can say they don’t look at it in disgust after it has been there for a few months? No matter how much you clean them, mildew will always prevail, resulting in a lack of performance, making them more hazardous to use, with the suction cups failing, resulting in more slips, and in bath tubs and showers, those slips more than likely cause injuries.Anti slip bath stickers are the new prevalent¬†alternative, requiring little time to apply them, and very little effort in keeping them clean, as bacteria cannot harbor in their recesses.
They are more times than not far cheaper than mats, something which is a good point of sale for any competitive product.
Our anti slip bathroom stickers in particular, are available in rolls of 30 strips, or 72 discs, which   makes it clear that these could be used for more than one bath or shower, making them an even more cost effective alternative.
Correct application is a key factor though, although it still being a simple process. To eradicate even the smallest possibility of failure, it is wise to clean the proposed area of application with an alcohol based cleaner, as this will ensure that any residue that could contaminate the material and cause it to fail, is removed, leaving a clean, dry surface that will bond well with the adhesive, leaving your bath tub or shower tray slip free, allowing you to enjoy your bathing time as intended. Never use cream based cleaners, as these can leave a powder residue which will act as a barrier between surface and adhesive, preventing the strongest bond.
NonSlip Tapes LLC anti slip bathroom stickers are made from our very own aqua safe material, ensuring the same high quality slip prevention you would expect from all our products, in white or clear self adhesive strips and discs.
We will put a video together documenting the application of this hygienic, anti slip product, but until then, please feel free to purchase them and liberate yourself from the troublesome bath mat.For more info, please contact us toll free, or by email.

Anti Slip Aqua Safe Bathroom Stickers


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