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Anti Slip Tape: Which One is Right For You?
Confusing title right? Most of you may be thinking ‘Hey, isn’t it all the same?’….

Once upon a time, you would have been right, now, innovations in technology allow us to produce different types to suit many different applications, meaning you really will get an specific, efficient product for your needs.

Standard anti slip tape, the backbone of the business if you will, is the stuff we all know too well, from our childhoods riding skateboards and scooters, this is the material that forms the majority of our products, which shows how versatile it is, and comes in many color, sizes and grades, as changing the size of the grit that we apply to it changes the potential it has for application. From internal use to construction sites, this will do the lot!

Variations on this are glow in the dark, and anti slip tape with other materials striped through them, for more multi-tasking products, such as our reflective anti slip die cut tiles, which have a reflective strip running through them for darker areas, light will bounce off alerting you of any potential hazards.

Our non abrasive anti slip tape is a very clever, and versatile material, or should I say materials, as while most of them are made from a manipulated plastic film, we also have non slip fabric, which is a non slip foam applied to a nylon mesh frame, which makes it durable, soft to the touch and with the ability to easily be cut to size.

All available in rolls and cut pieces in many sizes, youre sure to get a cost effective solution to your anti slip needs!

While the anti slip tape put on them is the same material we use for our rolls and die cuts, bolt down plates are also available for areas which cannot take our adhesive material. These will bolt or screw down to unstable surfaces securely, giving you a durable anti slip surface, which will not fail.

All this is featured on our site, along with many other materials to help with the application of our anti slip tape, and other marking products.

What would be most suitable for your needs? Let us know


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