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Black Friday; Anti Slip Tape Deals Galore!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and as I write this, I feel jealous that I will miss out ( i’m in the UK ). I hear tales of the Thanksgiving feasts from colleagues; turkey, sweet potato mash, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie…. I could probably go on forever ( i’m now hungry ). What my colleagues also Read more

Marine Anti Slip Tape Now Available

We have recently added marine anti slip tape to our line of products. Marine anti slip tape is unique in the sense that it is the first anti slip tape produced solely for marine use. It is salt resistant, so perfect for use on water vessels on the open seas! The mineral coating is also Read more

Preventing Slips and Falls in Winter

It’s drawing ever nearer to that time of the year when most of America  will be covered in ice and snow, increasing the risk of slip and fall injuries further. Around the home, and your business premises, it pays to protect from slip and fall injuries all year round, but in the winter season it Read more

Micro-Prismatic DOT Tape Now Available

We have just added our new, micro-prismatic DOT tape to our website. This further increases our range of DOT tapes available for you, the customer. Micro-prismatic DOT tape is a unique addition to the range as while it performs in a similar fashion to our current DOT tape, it’s construction is different to give it Read more

How to Apply UHB Bonding Tape

UHB bonding tape is a heavy duty, double sided bonding tape, that helps to create a strong bond between two rigid materials. Seen as an alternative to rivets, it can create a watertight, draft proof seal which is much quieter, yet virtually as strong as a riveted join. Bonding tape features a pressure sensitive, that Read more

Slips and Falls: Most Common Causes

Every year, approximately 1 million people are visiting emergency rooms all over the country due to injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall injuries are the most preventable form of injury in the US. However, they are still occurring in great numbers. What are the most common causes? And how do we Read more

How to Apply Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

We have just uploaded a new video to our Youtube channel. This is an instructional video, giving you advice on how to apply ribbed rubber anti slip tape. Our ribbed anti slip tape is a non abrasive, symmetrically patterned material, created after the success of our handrail grip tape. It is made of plastic, yet Read more

Good Practices for Kitchen Safety

Good Kitchen Safety Time in the kitchen should always be pleasant, and we want to provide a few handy tips to help it stay that way. Good kitchen safety is always a good process to follow, to allow the preparing, cooking and eating of food in complete safety with extremely minimal risk of accidents and Read more

Woman sues Bridgeton Splash Park over slip

A local woman from Bridgeton is suing the City and various companies involved with building the new public Splash Park. She has claimed that all of them are responsible for the various injuries sustained from slipping at the new attraction. A personal injury lawsuit has been filed; detailing claims that the defendants failed to carry Read more

Yellow Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Now Available

We have added yellow to our range of coarse resilient anti slip tapes. The yellow is very vivid to give a visible safety marker to any workplace in addition to a very capable non abrasive anti slip surface. Coarse resilient is a more industrial grade non abrasive anti slip solution, with the ability to perform Read more

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