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New Fluorescent Anti Slip Tape Added

For a long time, our fluorescent yellow anti slip tape has been all alone, and it was about time that we got it some new friends. We have just recently added green and pink fluorescent anti slip tape to our online store for purchase. The new green and pink fluorescent anti slip tape carries all Read more

Anti Slip Tape for Winter; Reduce Slips & Falls.

It’s going to get cold out there folks, but what’s more on my mind is that it’s going to get slippy too, real slippy! With winter comes rain, snow and ice, and these can all effect our safety, some worse than others, but all are unwelcome. With regards to rain, that’s something, round here anyways, Read more

A Ghoulish Halloween Discount for the Weekend

With everyone decorating their houses, getting the treats and sweets ready for families and trick or treaters, over at Anti Slip Tape Shop, we ourselves are also preparing…. We have been preparing for Halloween over the past few weeks by creating decorations and costumes. And all weekend we are offering a 15% discount on all Read more

UHB Bonding Tape Now Available!

Rivets have been a tried and tested method of joining metals efficiently for years, solid rivets being on of the oldest and most reliable forms of fastening and an alternative to welding. As technology has improved, developments have been made where, to most people, materials that would not seem to even rival riveting have stepped Read more

Reflective Conspicuity DOT Tape 2″x18″ 100 Packs Now Available!

We recently added reflective Conspicuity DOT –C2 tape kit packs to our online store, first we introduced our branded retail strip packs consisting of 5 strips. This week, we launched our OEM kit packs, our OEM kit packs consist of 100 pre-cut 2″x18″ strips of Red and White Conspicuity DOT-C2 tape, each strip comprises of Read more

Making Glow in the Dark Halloween Decorations

For extra Halloween fun and with safety in mind if you so choose to, you can make a spooky collection of glow in the dark Halloween decorations for sticking on walls and steps for extra slip protection. The latter can be made from glow in the dark anti slip tape and applied to your steps, Read more

Making a Halloween Costume with Glow in the Dark Tape

Halloween is, despite being from spooky origins, a fun time in the annual calendar, with most of us investing a lot of time in decorations, food and what some could see as most important – the costumes, whether it be for the kids or adults.

A Columbus Day Deal for You!

Happy Columbus Day everyone, the time of the year when we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival on our great lands. We celebrate this day alongside Latin America, the Bahamas, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and many more, all having different names for the same day, yet all celebrating Christopher Columbus great achievement nonetheless. To Read more

Anti-Slip Tape and Interior Design

Anti-slip tape isn’t just a prevention against those slips and falls that can make your home a dangerous place, it’s also a way to decorate your home! With so many custom patterns and colours available, plus the option to remove these at any time, it makes sense that anti-slip tape could be a good alternative Read more

Top 10 epic slip fails

Let’s be honest, watching people slip over is funny. I’m not a psychologist and I don’t know why this is the case, but seeing someone else hit the ground is one of the funniest things in life, especially when it’s caught on film to enjoy over and over again. So, for pure entertainment value, I’ve Read more

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