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Black Friday & Cyber Monday; Anti Slip Tape Deals Galore!
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and as I write this, I feel jealous that I will miss out ( i’m in the UK ). I hear tales of the Thanksgiving feasts from colleagues; turkey, sweet potato mash, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie…. I could probably go on forever ( i’m now hungry ). What my colleagues also mention however is the crazy day that is Black Friday, the potential to find mega bargains, though considering the rest of the population of whichever respective city you live in has the same goal, I do not envy anyone for having to go through that.

Since 2005, Cyber Monday has also been a big part of Thanksgiving, with marketing companies attempts to persuade people to also shop online becoming a complete success.

So, for a day on each side of the weekend, the stores, malls and internet will be the stomping ground for many, and over here at NonSlip Tapes LLC, we decided to get in on the act again, and on Black Friday, any orders made on the day will be applicable for a 20% discount using the code ‘INTRO20’, and on Cyber Monday, you can enjoy a discount of 10% off with the code ‘CYBER10’. You must use the codes to activate the discount, so please make sure you don’t miss out!!

If anti slip tape is on your agenda at the moment, then make sure you shop with us from the comfort of your own home on either day.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to you visiting the website on either day.


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