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Blue Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Now Available.

Blue coarse resilient anti slip tape
Since the announcement of our white coarse resilient over a year ago, there hasn’t been many new developments on our coarse resilient. We have created a solid, efficient product so we recently spent time researching new anti-slip products.

However, the demand for more colors has been great, and due to the amount of demand for blue in particular, it got the green light to go in to general production and is available in many sizes, from 6”x24” cut shapes, to full 53”x60ft logs.

Coarse resilient has been designed to provide efficient slip prevention in demanding areas that are exposed to moisture or require strict hygiene standards. Restaurant kitchens and boats are just two examples.

Downtime is minimal, just clean ( preferably with an alcohol based cleaner, like our IPA ) and dry the surface you intend to apply the coarse resilient to, then peel off the backing paper, firmly press the coarse resilient down on to the surface and it is ready to be used.

To purchase our blue coarse resilient, or to contact us for more information, please visit the web page for blue coarse resilient anti slip tape.

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