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Camouflage Anti Slip Tape Used by FishPlanx

camouflage anti slip skateboard grip tapeOne of our customers recently got in contact to show us something really awesome.

FishPlanx are manufacturers of reasonably priced, custom-shaped SUP’s ( skateboards ), surfboards, longboards and cruiser skateboards, as well as a range of surfing apparel and accessories.

Based in Bradenton, Florida, the company was founded in June 2012 off the back of 35 years experience in skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, and this experience allowed them to produce a rather unique take on skateboard designs. Their standard model SUP’s are shaped based on fish found in the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific waters, which you can imagine not only give the boards elegant shapes, but the wheels and trucks bright color finishes.

They contacted us a couple of days ago to show us what they had done with our camouflage anti slip tape, they have applied it to the surface of one of theirĀ Mini Hammerhead Swallow tail skateboard, and it does look awesome, as you can see from the picĀ above.

Visit the site, and take a look at what they have to offer.


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