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Conspicuity Reflective DOT Tape Pre-Cut Packs Now Available

Reflective Conspicuity Dot Tape Cut Strips 5pk
You can now purchase conveniently priced, pre-cut 5 packs of our various reflective conspicuity DOT tapes that we stock. Our stock of DOT tape has grown to incorporate the majority of demands for it, to ensure vehicles and transportation are meeting DOT ( Department of Transportation ) requirements.

These pre-cut packs are available in the following sizes and colors.

6″x6″ red/white
7″x11″ red/white
2″x18″ Solid White
2″x18″ Solid Red
2″x18″ Solid Yellow

These packs can be instantly applied to any vehicle you want, bearing in mind it is best practice to clean the surface you are applying the DOT tape to with an alcohol based cleaner, to remove and dirt or greasy residue that could cause adhesive failure. This extra step at the beginning ensures the most durable and efficient performance you could hope for.

Head on over to the site now and pick up your conspicuity tape pre cut 5 packs now.

If you require any more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us page on this very site.

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