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Cushion Grip Anti Slip Tape – Buy Cushioned, Non Abrasive Slip Prevention.

gray cushion anti slip tape
We have just added cushion grip anti slip tape to the site, increasing entire product range further by adding a new product which adds a new dimension to our products.

It is non abrasive, it is waterproof and it is as easy to apply as all our other products, but one thing that does make it stand out from the rest is it’s cushioned finish. The reason behind this is the material it is manufactured from, PU ( polyurethane ). Through research we discovered we could utilize a manufacturing method simply known as ‘foaming’, an embossing technique that in a way aerates the material while at the same time creating deep, non abrasive troughs which provide slip protection and a cushioned finish that can be enjoyed even in bare feet.

The cushioned finish makes it a perfect anti slip material for work places where people are on their feet for long hours, as it will help to reduce strain on muscles and joints that can happen from such conditions. PU does not contain harmful chemicals, so is suitable for use in areas where contaminants are not allowed, catering companies just being one example.

Cushion anti slip tape is available off the shelf in sizes ranging from 6″x24″ die cut shapes all the way to 53″x60ft full size logs.

To purchase, please visit the product page on the site here

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