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Glow in the Dark Egress Photoluminescent Tape; Now in Hazard!
Glow in the dark egress tape, a useful marking material for times when your warehouse or office has a power out, applied round door frames and on walkways, it is a cost effective solution to help you and your staff make a safe exit from a premises.

The reason why it glows is because of the photons which are applied to the surface, which absorb energy from whatever light source it is in contact with, be it artificial or natural, and depending on the strength of the energy source, and the amount of time exposed, once the light source goes off, the tape, or the photons in particular, emit the energy they have stored as a bright glow, for up to 2 hours. The tape is mainly for emergency use, when an exit is required, as it is not intended for daily prolonged use.

We have had plain glow in the dark egress tape for many years, and it is a very popular product without customers, however, while there is other uses for it other than as an emergency exit product ( it has been used for theatre stages as spike tape, as well as other fun activities ), in health and safety for business, it was a little one dimensional. After a little deliberation, we decided that this would give this product some versatility, and something as simple as adding black chevrons to it has now made it useful during the day, to mark hazardous or potentially dangerous areas, something alternating, angled chevrons is synonymous for.

We now offer glow in the dark hazard egress tape┬áin widths of 1/2″ up to 23″, and up to 30 feet in length.

We stock it in sizes of 1/2″x30ft, 1″x30ft and 2″x30ft.

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