Glow in the Dark Tape; Variety from a Single Source
Our various glow in the dark products come from one single source, our photoluminescent glow in the dark material, which is produced by applying photons to a liner. This is then applied to all of our various products we have, abrasive anti skid tape, non abrasive egress and permastripe marking materials, and our dual-purpose anti slip tiles and striped anti slip tape rolls.

The glow in the dark material, which is non-toxic, is charged by the photons absorbing light from artificial or natural sources, and in a lights out situation, emits a powerful glow, which will help lead anyone to safety, while also avoiding hazardous areas. Suitable for large-scale industrial use right down to domestic application.

It will work after a minimum of two hours charge, but with a continuous or more powerful source, will work even better and even longer.

For most of our glow in the dark materials, we can create rolls and die-cuts, in virtually any size and length you require.
Could you benefit from any, or even all of our glow in the dark range?