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Heskins LLC: In Membership with NATM

National Association of Trailer ManufacturersNATM, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, “dedicated to improving trailer performance and safety for the past 25 years”, has recently took us on as members due to the amount of anti slip material we supply to the trailer industry.

Anti slip tape is a useful addition to trailers due to the hazards that are prevalent when loading and unloading trailers. Maintaining a good footing when loading and unloading trailers is important due to the heavy items and equipment that are more often than not, carried via trailers. Many trailers do come with steps, but are sometimes not as effective as they could be, causing slips and potentially injuries. Applying anti slip to these steps ensure a good, solid footing every time.

Slips are not only localized to the steps on a trailer. Almost every time, it is required to walk virtually all over a trailer when loading and unloading, depending on the cargo in question, which means careful consideration is required as to where to apply anti slip to maximise slip prevention.

Anti slip is not just used to prevent slips for people, the cargo loaded on to trailers can all benefit from slip prevention, meaning that loading and unloading the trailer leads to reduced risk and unexpected slips can almost be eradicated, ensuring no hidden surprises.

Many trailers you can purchase these days already have anti slip applied, but if you have an older trailer, or feel that your new trailer could benefit from additional anti slip prevention, we will be happy to help you. Call or email us to chat now, or visit the site and take a look at what we offer. Virtually all of our self-adhesive anti slip material is suitable for trailers.

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