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NonSlip Tapes LLC: NFSI Certified
We don’t normally like to brag, and especially over something we’ve carried for years, but beings as it’s being renewed, we thought we would make a bit more of a fuss over it.

The National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI ) is a governing body which ‘endorses’ high quality products to help the end user make an informed decision.
We received this certification due to our products being independently evaluated by the board, something which, before NFSI, couldn’t have been achieved, you would have to have just taken our word for it, which isĀ another reason why we offer samples ( see our samples page on the website for more info ) so you can see the quality of our products first hand.

We are always thinking of ways to make sure that when you think of anti slip materials, you think of NonSlip Tapes LLC, and the quality products and service we provide.

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