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Reflective Conspicuity DOT Tape: Do You Need It?
Dark nights mean decreased visibility, and just because something is big, does not mean it can be seen.

Large vehicles and trailers during the day can be seen further away than most, but at night, those large, windscreen level edges are not the most visible things in the world, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on the road ahead. Sometimes, large vehicles do coast across road markings, due to wind and other instances, which can cause accidents, leading to potential injuries, large bills and a lot of inconvenience for all parties involved.

Reflective conspicuity tape is manufactured to prevent accidents, and in most cases, is required by law to be applied to certain large vehicles:

“This report evaluates the effectiveness of retroreflective tape in enhancing the visibility of heavy trailers and reducing side and rear impacts by other vehicles into these trailers during dark conditions. It is based on a statistical analysis of 10,959 crash cases investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Pennsylvania StatePolice in 1997 – 1999.

The tape is quite effective. It reduced side and rear impacts into trailers, in dark conditions (including “darknot-lighted,” “dark-lighted,” “dawn,” and “dusk”) by 29 percent. In “dark-not-lighted” conditions, the tape reduced side and rear impact crashes by 41 percent. Tape is especially effective in reducing injury crashes. In dark conditions, it reduced side and rear impacts that resulted in fatalities or injuries to drivers of any vehicle by 44 percent.”

Quoted from: “The Effectiveness of Retroreflective Tape on Heavy Trailers” NHTSA Technical Report, March 2001. DownloadWith this in mind, it is more cost effective and efficient to ensure large vehicles and trailers have reflective dot tape applied to both sides and the rear of the vehicle than to be pulled over or cause an accident.

We have rolls of reflective conspicuity dot tape available in 2″x150ft at a very competitive price, for immediate dispatch.

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