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White and Red Resilient Anti Slip Tape Now Available

Resilient anti slip tape, a non abrasive non slip material that has the same benefits of our abrasive products, but with a comfort to allow it to be walked on with bare feet. The construction is an embossed plastic, which gives it its non slip properties. During the manufacturing process, the material is manipulated so the Read more

Black Friday; Anti Slip Tape Deals Galore!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and as I write this, I feel jealous that I will miss out ( i’m in the UK ). I hear tales of the Thanksgiving feasts from colleagues; turkey, sweet potato mash, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie…. I could probably go on forever ( i’m now hungry ). What my colleagues also Read more

Preventing Slips and Falls in Winter

It’s drawing ever nearer to that time of the year when most of America  will be covered in ice and snow, increasing the risk of slip and fall injuries further. Around the home, and your business premises, it pays to protect from slip and fall injuries all year round, but in the winter season it Read more

Slips and Falls: Most Common Causes

Every year, approximately 1 million people are visiting emergency rooms all over the country due to injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall injuries are the most preventable form of injury in the US. However, they are still occurring in great numbers. What are the most common causes? And how do we Read more

Anti Slip Tape for Winter; Reduce Slips & Falls.

It’s going to get cold out there folks, but what’s more on my mind is that it’s going to get slippy too, real slippy! With winter comes rain, snow and ice, and these can all effect our safety, some worse than others, but all are unwelcome. With regards to rain, that’s something, round here anyways, Read more

Protecting Everyone & Yourself from Slips & Falls on Stairs

Stairs, one of the major contributing factors to the injury and death statistics in the US, with approximately 1/3rd of the total being this. Stairs are made from many different materials, such as wood, metal and concrete, all with their own positives, but unfortunately, pitfalls as well. Ensuring your stairs are safe, whether it be Read more

Free Shipping Now on All Orders Over $35!!

That’s right, we have reduced free shipping dramatically, so now if you spend $35 and over with us, your order is shipped to you free of charge, and all of our products are eligible. We really want you to feel like you have got great value for money when you order with us, so hopefully Read more

NonSlip Tapes LLC: NFSI Certified

We don’t normally like to brag, and especially over something we’ve carried for years, but beings as it’s being renewed, we thought we would make a bit more of a fuss over it. The National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI ) is a governing body which ‘endorses’ high quality products to help the end user Read more

Back in Stock: Pack of 5 1″x10″ Anti Slip Strips!

The first time we put these on general sale, they were snapped up very quickly…. These strips of standard anti slip tape are cut to 1″x10″ lengths, and are available in a pack of 5 for only $3.50 each! We have decided to manufacture another batch of them, but they are available for a limited Read more

Anti Slip Tape; Now in Camouflage!!

Ever wondered what it’s like to have anti slip tape with a camouflage finish? Well now you can, as due to demand we’ve manufactured it for off the shelf supply!!Camouflage anti slip tape is manufactured from our popular standard 60 grit anti slip tape, but this one is now perfectly themed for shooting ranges, hunting Read more

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