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New Non Slip Fabric Variants Added

Our non slip fabric is an efficient and cost effective method of applying a non slip surface on or under anything to protect our loved ones or precious items. We have recently increased the sizes and color options available for Tenura non slip fabric on the site. In addition to new sizes for our white and Read more

Things that don’t need anti-slip tape
Depending on who you’re hanging around with, most people are not (unfortunately) anti-slip.  However, we are in the minority when it comes to slip prevention as an innate quality.  Several creatures that walk on this slippy, accident causing planet are in fact much more prepared than we are when it comes to a less than Read more
Tenura Non Slip Fabric Available to Buy Now!

We have increased our non slip fabric range with Tenura non slip fabric rolls. Tenura non slip fabric is a versatile non slip solution for the home, office, or wherever you decide to use it. It can easily be cut to size due to it’s durable yet soft construction to be used in many different Read more

Anti Slip Tape: Which One is Right For You?

Confusing title right? Most of you may be thinking ‘Hey, isn’t it all the same?’…. Once upon a time, you would have been right, now, innovations in technology allow us to produce different types to suit many different applications, meaning you really will get an specific, efficient product for your needs. Standard anti slip tape, Read more