Free Non Skid Sample Packs and Pieces

At Heskins LLC we realise the most important element for our business; you.  We realise that as good as our photos are, as much description as we can add, it is never as good as holding the physical material in your hand, feeling it and even sticking it down.  We offer free anti skid tape sample pieces, just ask for the product you are interested in and we can instantly dispatch trial materials.  We happily work to your requirements, our free non skid tape sample packs are sent as close as possible to the size you require; if you want a die cut piece we will do our upmost to get as close as possible for a trial.


free non skid sample cards


With all our free anti skid tape sample pieces we send, by default, one of our free anti skid tape sample packs, which include swatch cards showing our range along with a lot of information to help you choose the perfect product for your application.


We are happy to help you with your selection process.  Dependent on quantity, full prototyping is available, we can create exact production materials, cut to the exact shape, in the correct color or width etc.


When requesting sample pieces please be as specific as possible, the more information you can provide about required size, what is adhering to, what the application is will help us to help you.


For your free non skid tape sample pieces and free anti skid tape sample packs, please enquire.  At Heskins LLC we never take your custom for granted, you are important to us, all of us appreciate your business and we attempt to do everything we can to assist you.


We look forward to hearing from you!


You can download digital versions of our sample cards from here:

PDF DownloadNon Skid Tape

PDF DownloadNon Abrasive

PDF DownloadGlow in the Dark